How To Pick Paint Colors For Your Home

choosing paint colors

Your home is your haven but sometimes, that haven needs an update. A simple coat of paint is often the least expensive update there is.

If you’ve decided to give your home an update with some paint, you’re going to want to learn how to go about choosing which color of paint will best suit your needs.

Start by determining which color palette you’re going to be choosing from. Will it be blues, greens, yellows, purples, pinks, reds, creams, browns, or grays? Once you’ve determined which color palette to choose from, you can go in and select shades.

Many people want something that will set their home aside from others, without making their home seem too ostentatious. Soft and subtle colors are much preferred over something that is too bold.

You’ll also want to consider resale value when selecting your colors. Bold and bright colors are often turn offs for potential buyers.

Choosing a color scheme that reflects your personality and what you already own will be important. You don’t want to go too dramatic but you don’t want anything that is too boring either.

Many people choose white for trim however, you can also choose contrasting colors for trim or from a cream palette. There are many great options out there.

The next thing to do is learn the difference between interior and exterior paint. An exterior paint is going to be more expensive and will be durable in all types of weather.

An interior paint is durable for washing walls and such but it won’t hold up to heavy scrubbing in most cases. Another thing to consider is what the room is being used for.

Water based paints are always easier to clean up than oil based paints. You’ll want to lean toward the water based paints for your interior painting so that you can clean up your rollers, brushes and paint trays with soap and water.

Focusing on these little details now will make your entire paint job go easier. Take a picture of your room and then picture it in a different color. You may even wish to get a few paint samples and try them out to see what they will look like on the wall before you do an entire wall in a specific color.

Once you’ve determined what color of paint to go with, be sure that you buy enough to complete your project.